We believe when Outdoor Lighting & Sound Systems are done properly they can change the way we live at home. We strive to enhance each property to its fullest potential.


Luxury Illumination has been installing custom landscape lighting and outdoor audio with a passion for quality-based efficiency for over five years. Collaborating with landscape architects, homeowners, and contractors, we have completed projects from small accent lighting, to multi-acre property coverage. Our services are never limited by distance; Florida, New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas have served as sites for our custom outdoor lighting & audio installations.

Sight & Sound, two of our greatest senses, are what we strive to impress. Proper outdoor lighting not only beautifies your yard it also connects the outdoor environment to the rest of your home. Outside hours are extended and more time can be enjoyed in nature.

Greg Matthews, Owner

Greg Matthews, Owner

With a long background in the industries of information technology, AV integration, professional photography and an extensive knowledge of plants Greg Matthews has a keen understanding for what is required to properly design and control a proper outdoor lighting or sound system. Working on some of the most sought-after properties across the country designing and installing thousands of lights has given Luxury Illumination the experience needed to create some of the best lighting environments possible. Extensive horticultural knowledge and understanding tree growth has helped Greg know the amount of lights and intensities needed to make foliage look even better at night than during the day. With the belief that “Design=Experience” he understands the connection between a great design becoming a special experience.

Greg Matthews is a graduate and now mentor at illi (The International Landscape Lighting Institute), a member of the AOLP (The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals), a certified CLVLT technician, and an Ambassador for the Coastal Source lighting & audio brand.

Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals
Coastal Source Certified Ambassador
International Landscape Lighting Institute Certificate 2018