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Outdoor Lighting and Audio - Custom Design + Installation

Outdoor Audio

Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Systems

We professionally install outdoor audio systems built to withstand the harsh climates and engineered for balanced environmental acoustics. We use waterproof wiring and gold plated connectors designed not only to withstand the corrosive elements, but also to ensure a reliable performance of sound.

Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Bollard Speaker


Versatile Design for the Outdoors

The speaker’s sleek design blends with the landscape and can be built in-ground for optimal low end balance. Many above-ground installation options are also available with the Coastal Source outdoor audio system.  The clean design also looks contemporary freestanding on an outside deck or pergola.

Pristine Audio Quality

Optimized for the outdoors, our speakers rely on the acoustic advantages of the environment to produce a balanced quality of sound at any volume. Using streaming systems such as Sonos, controlling specific areas of speakers is easy to manage on a large scale using a smart device.

Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Bollard Speaker Set
Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio and Lighting New York
The speakers we use are built to withstand the wear that occurs in extreme cold and warmer climates.
Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Amplifier
Designed for outdoor use, the amplifier is encased in a weather-proof compartment, using a  Sonos streaming amp for audio control.
Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Subwoofer
A subwoofer that is buried into the landscape to soften bass overflow, resulting in natural sounding deep tones.
Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio and Lighting Tiki
Combine outdoor audio with our outdoor lighting installation to get the full benefit of your entertainment space.

Luxury Illumination Outdoor Audio Demos

High quality sound is basically indescribable. It needs to be experienced for it’s full effect. Because of this, we’re more than happy to demonstrate how our audio systems sound in your environment. Schedule an appointment to set up a custom demo at your home or business.

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